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Credit Card (Visa or Master Card)
When you place your order with Credit Card payment request, we send you back your invoice and instruction on Credit Card payment with support url page in English.

When your process go through without any problem, you will receivd email writen in Japanese and We too will inform you that we could confirm your payment. In case if you did not receive any email after completing your payment process, please email us for confirmatoin.
International Postal Money Orders(IPMO)
When you choose Sending IPMO payment, we will inform your invoice and intruction via email.
Sending Cash payment
We only accetp US$ or EURO as Cash payment. ALSO PLEASE DO NOT SEND COINS for your payment.

We also accept Cash for your payment, Please follow to our instruction with invoice.

For large amount of orders(over $1000 per transaction), we also accept wire transfer via bank account(please ask for details)

For whom would like to pay by CASH or IPMO, WE ARE NOT responsible for lost cash in the mail.

Your items will be held for 7 days. After that, they will go back up for sale.
In case if you want us to hold your item for more than 7 days, you must email us for its confirmation.

Instruction on Credit Card payment users.

When you placed your order through our form, we will send you an invoice including EMS shipping fee as a grand total of your purhcase.
It has a url page where you can directly go to the payment page.

please confirm the amount shows on the gray box(the amount should match to the invoice).

the name of the seller shows as TokyoAnimeAddicted INC, it is the official registered name for Tokyo-Archive Online Store.

the item descpriptions shows as the order # which is also in your invoice.

When you confirmed the Seller's name, Item Description and total amount, please click the the gray box below(top box) and you can start filling in your CC informations.

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Message from Clients


Thank you very much for your exclusive service. I say your store is THE BEST I can find for rare doujinshi and manga. Please keep up the great works for everyone.


Thanks for your friendly support!

I am a big fan of Mogudan and Saigadou from Milan Italy. I was so impressed when you found Saigadou's first artwork in super great condition. Please keep up the great service.


Marvelous support and outstanding response!

I can hardly believe how fast your shipping is. Only 5 days after placing my order and doujinshi on my hand(great shape too). Please keep me inform when you guys got new item by Inazuma(Digital Access Works). It's one of my favorite doujinshi artist.



This is Osmar from UAE! Your website is just so great. I think you are the one of the greatest shop I can find online. So many items I can find and I can not stop purchasing from your store. I luv your store!


Super Fast Shipping!EXCELLENT!!

Hello I am always amazed of your super fast shipping service. I can not find any better vendor than you guys!


I love your website!

I am the crazy hentai manga collector from San Paulo Brazil. Mega Collection of meet my full-needs. Please keep up your good work.


Domo-Arigatou Gozaimasu!

Hello We do not have store like you guys in Mexico so I get excited when I found your store on the internet. Great selection and fast service! I am definately buying from you guys again!


Excellent Service!

The Package arrived in Great condition! I look forward to purchase from your store again for sure! purchasing from your store.


I love Doujinshi/Manga!

Hello I thank you so much for your kind service. I can't believe how impressive your lineups are. Keep up the good work!


Great Service and Fast Respondent

Thank you and I have just receved my package in great condition, well wrapped. I will buy from you again for sure!


Please look for my request!

Hello! It took me several years to find vintage doujinshi I was looking for, but look at you! Only 1 day to find my request and 5 days of shipping to Singapore! Speechless!!!


Gutan Tag from Germany!.

Your store is THE BEST!. Just GREAT! No other word I can find to describe your store! purchasing from your store.



I am your customer since your store has opened! Great stuff and service. Please email me when you gotta new item by Niku-Ringo (Kakugari Brothers). I want to go to Japan someday!



This is Tony from Taipei. Gosh! how could you find so many doujinshi and manga? I love your stuffs especially doujinshi by Momonga Club (Hikaru Hayashibara). Keep up the good work and I will keep buying from your store.



Nice shop and great items!!! I can't belive how much money I have spent at Most of my doujinshi collection are found at your store. It's good to have friend like you in Tokyo.


Hello from Moscow

Just writing to say HELLO from RUSSIA! I have never seen such a wide/great collection like your store and it's sooooo IMPRESSIVE!!! I used to use ebay auction to find doujinshi but NORE MORE EBAY!! GREAT WORK to update new items everyday.



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