*Doujinshi* is essentially *manga* created by fans for fans. Typical * doujinshi* features characters from popular *anime*, *manga* or video games reinterpreted as humorous, romantic or even erotic *manga* artwork or stories.

For example, *shonen manga* titles with straight male characters such as *Naruto *or *Rurouni Kenshin* are drawn as *yaoi* / boys love romantic/erotic stories.
The word HENTAI is used for Men's doujinshi(with erotic contents)

Other *doujinshi* may be prequels, sequels or embellishments on incidents or minor characters from popular *manga* or *anime* series such as *Neon Genesis Evangelion*, or *Trigun*. There are also *doujinshi* that feature original stories and characters, much like independent or small press comics in the U.S. and Europe.

The Japanese publishing industry recognizes the popularity of *doujinshi*and often looks the other way rather than pursuing copyright infringement enforcement against fan-created *manga*.

BUT WHY?? because many manga/magazines readers includes doujinshi fans and correctors, therefore doujinshi can take place in advertisement for those original publishments. It sounds very ironic but major publishers are very smart and will not oppose for free ads than suing thousands of hard core fans.

Also in fact many *doujinshi* creators get discovered and move on to mainstream *manga* careers with major publishers as a result of their fan-creations. CLAMP (*Tsubasa*, *Card Captor Sakura*) and Sekihiku Inui (*Comic Party*, *Murder Princess*) are two examples of creators who've gotten their start as *doujinshi* artists.
Also on the men's side, creator of famous manga series, BASTARD/Jump Comics, Kazushi Hagiwara was well known doujinshi artist in circle called Studio Loud in School.

*Doujinshi* are often created by "circles" or groups of creators and are sold at events such as the twice-yearly Comic Market (Comiket) in Tokyo, via fans' web sites or at *manga* shops. Many *doujinshi* are created in limited, short print-runs so *doujinshi* by popular creators often become coveted collector's items.


Q: How often do you upload new item?

A: We upload new item between 4-6 days in a week.

Q: Do you take whole sale order?

A: No we don't. We only do retail business.

Q: Do you accept order request from 1 item?

A: Actually we do, but sometime we decline your request during the Comiket Season(August/January)

Q: Do you help bidding on Yahoo Auction?

A: No we don't.

Q: Do you sell any Yaoi doujinshi?

A: No we don't, but we do accept Yaoi Manga request if you know the title.

Q: Do you trade product??

A: Sorry, we do not trade items with clients, only retailings.

Q: Do you have real store in Japan?

A: We only have on-line store here as Tokyo-Archive.com


Q: How long do you usually take for special request?

A: That is very hard to answer, especially for the request of doujinshi.
Doujinshi is regularly one-piece-stock item therefore it sometime gets very hard to find a copy available. We always try our best to find your request.

Q: How can I seach the item from ITEM SEARCH?

A: There are several ways to seach your want-item at Tokyo-Archive.com
You can find item by Title/Author/Category. But for doujinshi, name of the artists and circle are very complicated so please ask us via email.

Q: Some of the doujin violates law in possessing or import adult material but how about hentai doujinshi?

A: Actually every country has different law regarding adult oriented material and we are out of control for each country. Before proceeding to the checkout site, Tokyo Archive assumes that the purchaser is aware of his/her local and state laws regarding adult oriented material. Tokyo Archive is not liable in any way if legal action is taken against the purchaser by their local or state government.

Q: How is the the condition of items in Tokyo-Archive.com?

A: Regarding manga comics, most of them are obtained as mint condition. But for old doujinshi/manga, it is really hard to find stock in brand new condition therefore we will try our best to find stock in find condtion(no page ripping or writings).
If you are paying much attention on condition of items as a correctable, please contact us before placing order. We are more than happy to respond to your question.

Q: What if the package has been damaged when it arrived?

A: Every package from our store via EMS insures $200 refund for damages on package.
Please send us email if the package received was damaged(attaced image is appriciated) and we will contact to Postal Service here in Japan.

Q: Is it possible to put additional insurance over $200?

A: Yes, please contact us if you want to add extra insurance on your package.
We will inform you the additional insurance fee with your invoice.

Q: What is the Pre-Order item?

A: It is an item(s) which we do not carry stock our office and require 2-4 days to be delivered to our office.


Q: Do you accept PAYPAL?

A: Yes we do. We also accept Credit Card(Visa or Master),Paypal,IPMO(International Postal Money Order) and Cash(US dollar or Euro).

Q: Is your Credit Card settlement secure?

A: Yes, our system is protected by SSL secured service and there was NO PAYMENT PROBLEM occured in past years.


Q: Do you guys go to Comiket to purchase new doujinshi?

A: Yes we go to both Summer and Winter Comiket to find rare and hard-to-find items. We can find your requested item if you send us information of your want-item before the event.

Q: Is it possible to order Comiket Catalog?

A: Yes please feel free to send us your request via email.

Q: What is the exchange rate do you use?

A: Our exchange rate is calculated based on the rate determined by credit card company including their commision and service fee. Please feel free to ask us the current exchange rate before placing order to avoid any possible misunderstandings.

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Before proceeding to the checkout site, Tokyo Archive assumes that the purchaser is aware of his/her local and state laws regarding adult oriented material. Tokyo Archive is not liable in any way if legal action is taken against the purchaser by their local or state government.